Committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, HandUp Congo seeks to promote and assist sustainable community-driven business, educational, social and health initiatives.  We are privileged to collaborate with outstanding organizations worldwide seeking to raise awareness about issues faced by the Congolese people at home and abroad.

    • With the gift of Two Sewing Machines, a sewing school was born in a remote village in Congo – Lotumbe – resulting in student uniforms, newborn clothes and blankets and properly outfitted medical personnel.

The Tale of Two Sewing Machines from Ken Kobre on Vimeo.

  • By empowering communities through microfinance, economic and social development begins to take root in such remote locations like Lotumbe.  Lotumbe women were educated in a pilot savings-based microfinance project which now includes an expanding number of borrowers as loans are made and repaid with interest thereby growing the fund.  These loans have supported community-based businesses.
  • Development of an organization working with a large group of central African refugees and migrants made up of individuals and families on humanitarian visas in Australia after fleeing conflict zones in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.  This much-needed resource will facilitate the integration of this group into society and create a far brighter future for all.
  • A complete rebranding of the Université Protestante au Congo was undertaken with a redesign of the logo and mottos to reflect its standing in Congo and Africa.

The need is overwhelming.  Additional projects have included shipment of medical equipment and textbooks, eyeglass distribution, leadership training, shortwave radio network installation, and widows’ fund among other projects.  Please contact us if you would like to explore partnering with HandUp Congo. This may include traveling with us on our next visit to the DRC, to share your skills or learn more about the current situation.

HandUp Congo does not accept donations directly but is pleased to refer donors to like-minded nonprofits.