HandUp Congo is privileged to collaborate with outstanding organizations, educational institutions, civil society and individuals worldwide seeking to raise awareness about issues faced by the Congolese people at home and abroad.

global-nPartnering with community leaders in the Equatorial Province of Congo has transformed the remote village of Lotumbe as a result of a gift of two sewing machines.

Watch the video Two Sewing Machines.


upc-n“Education that Builds a Nation” – Université Protestante au Congo has been a pioneer in Congolese higher education for more than 50 years. With a current student population of more than 8,000 students and four schools of study – Business, Law, Medicine and Theology – this university has remained independent, survived chaotic political regimes, wars and civil strife. HandUp Congo is facilitating alliances with donors to benefit the Medical School’s family medicine program. A four-year Emergency Medicine Education Project is now underway. Australian and North American donors can receive tax deductibility. Email handupcongo@gmail.com for details.

heal-nHEAL Africa is a Congolese-led organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo, working to eradicate poor health, poverty, and the oppression of women.  Based in Goma, HEAL Africa oversees a hospital and community-targeted programs that empower women, cultivate communities and foster health.

rotary-nRotary International is a vital project partner, matching grants and raising awareness about HandUp Congo’s initiatives. Australian donors can receive tax deductibility through http://www.rawcs.org.au : Project 47 2015-16 (“Building a healthy Congo”) and Project 20 2013-14 (“Lotumbe community development”). Watch the 2015 video on congo canoe challenge below.

Over the years, HandUp Congo has joined forces with multiple like-minded organizations committed to making a difference.  We are grateful to past partners such as  BlugibbonCNEC Partners InternationalFINCA, Fondation Lucie Otaenga, Hope InternationalInstitute of Cultural Affairs Australia, Pink Umbrella FoundationRed CrossRotary Hunters Hill, Rotary Wingham, Rotary District 9150 (sub Saharan Africa clubs), Rotary Australia World Community Service, and University of New South Wales – Medical Students’ Aid Project (MSAP).