I have enjoyed volunteering in many remote areas but my trip to the Congo was special. I chose the Congo after learning that the country is one of the world’s poorest and small projects can make a huge difference to people’s lives. My role was to help make a photographic record of the medical training and the trip. What made it special was travelling with Lucy with her close connections and knowledge of the country. Armed only with basic French, I was able to connect and laugh with the people. The trip to the Congo was an amazing experience and my highlight for 2015.
Maureen Burdynski, community volunteer

Maureen Burdynski


Being part of the HandUp Congo team in 2014 was a special new learning experience. At the request of Lotumbe village leaders, I co-facilitated discussions, with amazing local Congolese facilitators, in developing sustainable realistic community development strategies. The participative processes included honouring the work to date over 100 years, and building a vision of the next 100! This was symbolized in the creation of a community song and dance, “Stand Up Lotumbe!”, which continues to be lived out of today, through the efforts of the revitalised Community Management Team, endorsed by the whole community at the church service at the time. I am committed to working with the DRC leaders via the HuC team in working towards sustainable, replicable community self-help processes.

Robyn Hutchinson