Our projects are varied and responsive to community needs. They include women’s microfinance, duck raising by Pygmy orphans, sustainable bee keeping, and health care.

HUC is a not for profit registered with Fair Trading NSW, the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. Our various projects are open to tax deductible donations made through RAWCS. This ensures your funds go wholly to the project you prefer. Tax deductibility is available for Australian donors. These links are:
www.rawcs.org.au, Project 47, “Building a healthy Congo”, established 2015-16
www.rawcs.org.au, Project 20, “Lotumbe Community Development”, established 2013-14

If you are North American, you may receive tax deductibility from U.S.-based nonprofit: North American Liaison Bureau. Donate to UPC (Université Protestante au Congo) initiatives through the website at: www.upcongo.org. For the Emergency Medicine project select: Project and Emergency Medicine Training. For Scholarships select: Fund and Scholarship.