We currently work in Congo’s capitol, Kinshasa, and in the village of Lotumbe in the Equatorial Province. To get to Lotumbe you have to take a 2-hour flight from Kinshasa to Mbandaka, the province’s capitol, and then board a dugout canoe for Lotumbe. If you’re paddling, like most of the locals do, you would have to plan for a seven-day trip. If you’re lucky enough to afford an outboard motor, it’s a snap… about 16 hours with a stop or two along the way.

Fast Facts about Congo

  • Neighbors

    Nine countries border the Democratic Republic of Congo: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, The Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Angola, Zambia, Burundi

  • Population

    Approximately 70 million inhabitants

  • Ethnic Groups

    More than 200 ethnic groups

  • Major Languages

    Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili, French

  • Size/Area

    2,345,410 sq km; approximately the size of Western Europe or slightly less than one fourth the size of the USA.

  • Income

    US $210 per year for an individual Congolese

  • Key Natural Resources

    Diamonds, Gold, Coltan, Uranium, Copper, Tin, Silver, Cobalt, Niobium, Timber, Hydro Power, Manganese, Petroleum

  • Life Expectancy

    55 years

  • Religions

    Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10%, Other 10%

  • Capitol


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