Congo Canoe Challenge 2017

October 20 2017

DAK Foundation team Anubha, Dave, Kerry and Marnie who have been so generous over the years providing medical equipment.
Alan Tattersall loads one of 17 boxes
Thank you, Qantas Freight, for your help in facilitating the cargo through S Africa and on to the DRC.
dak 4
Qantas Freight pros at work on our cargo.

From A (Australia) to C (Congo) – the 233 kg of donated goods has now arrived in Kinshasa! Thank you to DAK Foundation for medical equipment, Days for Girls for kits, SewAid for useful supplies, Sydney Bee Club for bee suits to name a few. So many good people who have given so much! Today we salute Alan Tattersall for wrangling 17 boxes and providing his ute, Qantas Freight for giving us a hugely reduced fare, Rotary’s shipping logistics guru Barry Barford, and UPC’s Clement Mamba who is clearing the boxes as we speak in Kinshasa. Merci mingi!

October 23 2017

Sunday is not a day of rest for HandUp Congo team members! American videographer Prof Ken Kobre captures visionary Congolese doctors, who are working to establish a national peak body of emergency medicine experts. This initiative is led by Dr. Muller Mundenga. Ken and Muller have been interviewing emergency medicine stakeholders to produce a short video documenting this initiative.

Team members Ken, Muller, Lucy and Linda squeezed in program and video planning over an Indian buffet lunch overlooking the Congo River. Perfect way to sit out a tropical downpour!

Day 2 in Kinshasa.

Up with the birds – am I jet lagged or do they really prefer barbed wire and fake palm trees?? Lovely Continental breakfast surrounded by Congolese art. Energised to start the busy day!