Help Maureen Help the Congo

Be a Gift to the World from HandUp Congo on Vimeo.

“Help Maureen help Congo in April 2016”

Last year, I helped a project to save the life of a very young child thousands of miles away in the Congo. This year, I’d like to try help save many more. But I need your help to get there.

My name is Maureen and I’m an Australian registered nurse committed to making a difference to people’s health in the Democratic republic of Congo.

I am asking you to make it possible for me to travel with an Australian emergency medicine specialist and a local team to 6 rural Congolese hospitals to help teach life saving resuscitation skills.

This project is the first to develop emergency medicine training and is in collaboration with the medical school of the Congo Protestant University. The project was commenced in 2015 and its partners include Australian NGOS HandUp Congo and Rotary Australia World Community Service.

Medical equipment I sourced for last year’s team had an immediate impact. After a day of training the team received an excited call from one of the medical trainees who had just saved the life of a child using skills and equipment acquired earlier that very day. This’s a life that otherwise would have been lost.

I was so moved by this story; it has motivated me to volunteer my time and my nursing skills to help this initiative.

Your donation will make it possible for me to travel to the Congo and be a part of this incredible project.

I need to raise 6000 Australian Dollars for airfares, visas and local transport. If for any reason I can not go, any funds raised will go directly to the Emergency Medicine Project.

Thanks for your support!

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