Aussie RAWCS HandUp Congo Team

Aussie RAWCS HandUp Congo Team

Team Leader: Lucy Hobgood-Brown
Team Members:
Dr Vera Sistenich
Dr Grace Maano
Maureen Burdynski
Chris Coombes

Dates of Travel to Congo:
August 21- Sept. 13, 2015 (24 days)

– 4 venues served (Kimpese, Kinshasa, Bolenge and Lotumbe)
– 2 to 4 days medical training conducted in respective venues
– around 90 medical staff trained on CPR, Airway/Intubation, Fluid Resuscitation, Obstetric Emergencies, Basic ECG and Ultrasound use, Contraceptive Implant insertion
– 300 contraceptive implant distributed, 100 each for Kimpese, Bolenge, Lotumbe with total 159 women actually received implant insertion to date
– various medical equipment donated in each venue (ECG, Ultrasound, Patient monitor, Fetal doppler, Pulse oximeter, Resuscitaire, from RAWCS; CPR mannequins from Dr Grace Maano; Airway heads from Cynthia; Airway packs and other hospital supplies from Hunter Hill Private hospital)
– USBs from Blugibbon containing training materials given to all trainees
– Reading glasses (various donors) and Reading/Sunglasses (Maui Jims from Dr Phil Steiner) were distributed at Bolenge and Lotumbe
– Footballs with pumps, singlets, backpacks from Football Federation Australia distributed in 4 venues
– Cameras and SD cards donated to Mbandaka and Lotumbe
– Laptops and LCD Projector (from Harvey Norman & Institute of Cultural Affairs Australia) donated to Lotumbe.

you have given a gift to the world and all those who received them know they are now the “Gift to the World”!