Congo container and canoe challenge update

Mbote (‘hello’ in a Congolese language)! 

Just wanted to share an update on Congo with all of you who have been supporting “Dr Luc’s” container and the HandUp Congo canoe challenge, soon to be underway.   

Rotary Kinshasa Kingabwa club meeting 2014

Dr Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu has been in touch this week, to report that his lovely wife Dellice is unexpectedly in a Kinshasa hospital. (See picture left – Dellice is in the front row, right – pictured at Rotary Kinshasa Kingabwa club meeting last year with HandUp Congo’s 2014 Congo Canoe Challenge team.) 

The proud father-to-be confides that Dellice is six months pregnant but, due to asthma, is being monitored.  We wish her well. Luc meanwhile is struggling to keep the home fires burning, managing the children and caring for Dellice.  (In Congo, it is the responsibility of families to feed and provide basic patient care.)

Luc reports that the 40 foot container many of you helped fill in April is being unloaded as we speak; this was delayed due to civil unrest in Burundi (the truck carrying the container from Tanzania’s port had to pass through unstable Burundi). 

Luc is now back in Kinshasa and as soon as Dellice is feeling better, will complete a container report for all of us.

“We began the distribution of goods from the container and everything is going on well. Am preparing the report with photos and video documentary for you,” he says. “I will give you in August when we meet.”

Yes, only 22 more sleeps till the HandUp Congo/Rotary Congo Canoe Challenge team arrives in Kinshasa and re-connects with Dr Luc!  In addition our two team doctors, Vera Sistenich and Grace Maano, will have their plates full teaching at a variety of institutions in collaboration with Congo Protestant University (“UPC”) medical school. A highlight will be working with UPC medical students at a rural training hospital. See for details about this fine university, which is a HandUp Congo partner.

Our team is also excited about catching up with HandUp Congo director, Linda James, who is based on the campus. What stories she has to tell about living in Congo! (She is pictured at the Rotary gathering, 2nd row, left.)

Meanwhile team members are preparing for departure and sharing the news about their trip goals. Take a look at Vera’s message: 

CongoCanoeChallenge‬ 2015 has begun! from HandUp Congo on Vimeo.

Come on board for the ‪#‎CongoCanoeChallenge‬. Dr. Vera Sistenich talks about the journey the CCC group from Australia is about to embark on.

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The team photographers, Chris Coombes and Maureen Burdynski, will be capturing human interest stories and photos to share on HandUp Congo’s facebook and blog, connectivity permitting.

Thanks for cheering us on!
The Congo Canoe Challenge 2015 team
Lucy, Chris, Maureen, Grace and Vera

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