The other Mbandaka, March 3, 2014, Trip to Congo

Meet the other “Mbandaka” – a bonobo! Had a great, sweaty hike around the sanctuary yesterday‎. Our Congolese guide, Guylain Busola, was impressive – excellent English and very passionate about conservation. There have been some upgrades to the sanctuary, including a trampoline for the babies, which they love!  All the bonobos are named, some for where they have been discovered or some for their traits aka Arnold, who has big muscles. We head on Wednesday to the original Mbandaka, a city on the Congo River lying near the confluence of the Congo and Ruki Rivers. It is the capital of Équateur province.

Our Sunday outing included lunch at Lac de ma Vallee; got there just as a tropical downpour started. A tranquil and pretty spot, with a path around the lake and thatched huts dotted here and there where guests can enjoy traditional Congolese dishes like capitaine, a moist fish that is dee-lish.

Sue Bromhead is game to try anything, including mwambe (a chicken dish cooked with palm oil and peanut) and Congo’s favourite export, the beer Primus!