Kinshasa violence impacts HUC university partner

HandUp Congo’s team is closely monitoring outcomes from the wave of coordinated attacks against symbols of power in the capital Kinshasa and other cities, which left more than 70 assailants dead on New Year’s Eve after a day of fierce gun battles. Armed youth believed to be loyal to a pastor who challenged President Joseph Kabila in elections seven years stormed the state television station RTNC and took several reporters hostage. Ndjili International Airport and a Kinshasa military camp were also under fire for a short time.

HandUp Congo partner, Congo Protestant University, is located next to RTNC in Kinshasa’s Lingwala district.  The university’s academic and medical school dean, Dr. Sam Mampunza, reports that “This morning between 8 and 8:30 the national radio/TV building closed (sic) with the UPC was attacked. It was at the moment of our Monday service (we were praying). The Rector did not yet arrived. Everybody came in and near my office (only workers because the students have the Christmas holiday). Nothing bad happened at the UPC. Since 1pm the situation is normal.”

International media monitoring the situation report that the uprising has been quashed.

Let us hope that the situation remains calm.