Update on school rehab project in Lotumbe

Handup Congo Blog

African proverbs are wonderful for teaching and passing down wisdom to younger generations.  This Swahili proverb comes to mind when we look at the new photos sent to us this week by HandUp Congo partners in the village of Lotumbe, Equatorial Province, DRC:

Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases. 

The photos show community members rehabilitating a secondary school classroom in Lotumbe. The proverb aptly captures the intentions of donors we connected with the Disciples Community of Congo, who made the new roof and other school improvements possible. Thank you to the Shine family of Sydney, Australia and Rotary Wingham in NSW, Australia! The project funds were given in 2011. It took a while for community leaders to organise the project, with volunteer canoe paddlers giving up their essential fishing livelihoods to ferry the building supplies 200 km from the nearest town…

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