Mbote Congo!

Passport and visa – check; Letter of invitation – check; Airline tickets – check; Lodging – check; Vaccinations – check; agenda – a work in progress; packed – not hardly! HandUp Congo directors Linda James and Lucy Hobgood-Brown will be in the DRC in 6 days. It’s taken longer than expected to return, with several previous trips postponed due to civil unrest. We’re excited to be heading back and look forward to spending time on the UPC campus (www.upc-rdc.cd) where we will catch up with our friend Jolie Mbelembe, PR director and liaison with international donors. Together we will visit with scholarship recipients, learn how textbooks, computers and medical lab equipment donated by Australian and American supporters have impacted the university, and gather news items for UPC NEWS, a newsletter we write for English speaking supporters around the world.