Magic Wands of Friendship

A few days ago I spent a magic weekend in Sydney with 12 women from very diverse backgrounds – maybe others will enjoy participating in a Creators of Peace circle, too.  CoP is an international women’s initiative that challenges women everywhere to share responsibility for their part in the perpetration of conflict and in its resolution. The concept is potent, and the process is gentle and loving.   For more info go to or email

Through HandUp Congo, I hope to be part of introducing circles of peace to central African refugee women living in Australia, and maybe one day we will see a ripple effect with these women (and me) facilitating such circles in the African Great Lakes’ ongoing conflict zone (Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and the DRC).  Some peace circles have already sprung up on both continents…there can never be too many!

– Lucy Hobgood-Brown (

You can download the CoP brochure by clicking on this link (CoP brochure).