Happy Mother's Day from HandUp Congo!


Does your mom have all the lovely pins, necklaces, and knick knacks imaginable?

Does she regretfully toss your beautiful bouquets once they have faded?

And those yummy chocolates… a minute on the lips and a year on the hips?

This year, honor your mother with a clutter-free, non-fattening, ever-blooming gift — one that keeps on giving… a donation that will directly aid mothers struggling to survive in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Although HandUp Congo no longer accepts donations directly, we have identified some remarkable organizations that are on the front lines of helping Congolese women help themselves.

Donations to HEAL Africa’s Safe Motherhood program help support maternity micro-insurance groups to ensure that pregnant mothers receive proper medical care from prenatal screening through delivery. Locally managed, the program requires each member to pay into the program. She will receive care from quality health providers—many trained by HEAL Africa medical staff. Contraception and safe birthing are major areas of education and support.


The North American Liaison Bureau directs donations for scholarships to Congolese women studying at L’Université Protestante au Congo, one of Africa’s most prestigious universities.


Donations to Global Ministries’ Mama Rebecca Widows Fund help initiate income-earning projects that support Lotumbe widows who struggle to make ends meet on less than $1 a day.


Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere in the world!