Hip Hop for Congo – support Congo Week – October 18-22, 2011

HandUp Congo is committed to addressing the injustices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to advocate for peace with justice. We hope you will participate in an activity – or create one! – during Congo Week October 16-22, 2011. Seehttp://www.congoweek.org/ for inspiration! So much talent is involved – from Gloria Steinem to hip hop dancershttp://congoweek.org/congo-in-harlem-2011.html!

By participating in Break the Silence: Congo Awareness Week and the Cell Out on October 20, you help affirm our solidarity with Congo. The Cell Out is an organized cell phone usage boycott from 12pm – 1pm on October 19 to bring awareness to the conflict over natural resources, such as the coltan in our cell phones. The purpose of the boycott is to bring awareness to the war in the Congo, which started in 1996 and continues to this day with 45,000 people dying each month.

We hope you will also take a moment to get an update on the Equatorial province hospital that has been rebuilt since an electrical fire in June 2006: http://globalministries.org/news/africa/bolenge-hospital-report-2011.html. This hospital is maintained by the church group that oversees our Lotumbe village NGO partner (“FLO”) and which is a co-founder of the Kinshasa-based university we also work with (www.upcongo.org).

We’ll tell you more about these projects after our trip to DRC in January 2012!