Happy news for Lotumbe

Happy news for Lotumbe, a community of approximately 6000 nestled in the heart of the world’s 2nd largest rain forest – three graduates of Université Protestante au Congo (UPC) have safely returned home after completing their undergraduate degrees in theology in Congo’s capital. Thanks to donors in Australia and the USA, Ekofa, Bosolo and Nsombola received funds enabling them to return to their home village.  The donors included Marcia Murray, Ernie Ross, Susan Phillips, Kevin and Lucy Hobgood-Brown and Betty and Melvin Richey. The UPC alumni are awaiting work assignments by community leaders. In the meantime, they are rejoicing in being home again, after more than six years away. The remote location of their village (200 km by canoe from the provincial capital, after an air flight from Kinshasa) combined with the travel costs, often results in long separations for families.  For details about UPC, please go to www.upcongo.org. HandUp Congo works closely with UPC as well as community leaders in Lotumbe, Equatorial Province, on a range of capacity building projects.