New school benches and construction equipment for Lotumbe’s schools

Thanks to The Hache Group and the Rotary Club of Kirkland, Washington USA, a delivery of school benches, roofing sheets, nails, and boards has arrived in Lotumbe for the rehabilitation of the primary school Esekema, which currently has 277 students (138 boys and 139 girls). Additionally, a large amount of sand and limonite was sent to assist the renovation efforts. By the time the materials arrived in Lotumbe, however, the already frail primary school building had collapsed entirely due to heavy winds throughout March. Three rooms were still under construction and others were unequipped when the block crumpled. Nevertheless, children, parents, and the surrounding population alike were excited to receive the generous donations, and FLO president Chantal Bolingo is already in contact with engineers for an estimate about the cost of the foundation, walls and carpentry work required to rebuild the school.

School benches delivered

Community leaders reported, “The school benches, produced in the provincial capitol of Mbandaka, served student finalists of Lotumbe’s secondary school Nkolobise when sitting their test essays on 12 April and will be a great asset for the upcoming state exams this month, which will be held at Lotumbe for the first time.”